How long does it take to complete an average repair?
"Most chips can be filled and repaired in 20 minutes, start to finish."

How many repairs will one kit do?
"A conservative estimate is 50 repairs per kit."

Does the kit come with instructions?
"Yes.  Full instructions are included.  Additionally, they can be previewed here, online.

Is the repair hard like ivory?
"Yes, and when the repair is finished, it can be buffed to a hard glossy surface just like the ivory can."

How long will the repair, itself last?

Will AcryliKey II work on plastic keytops?
"While it will bond to plastic, it was originally designed for ivory, and, as such, it looks much better on ivory than it does on plastic.
Also, it will tend to create a faint cream colored line at the point where it bonds to a  plastic keytop."

Does AcryliKey II have a shelf life?
"Yes.  The liquid monomer is guaranteed stable for one year if stored and used properly.  The polymer powder is stable indefinitely."

How should it be stored?
"The liquid monomer should be kept away from heat and stored in a cool place.  It should also be kept free from dust, dirt, and other contamination."

Is AcryliKey II compatible with the original version of the product?
"No, the two systems are chemically incompatible and should not be mixed because they will not set up reliably."

 How can I tell which version I currently have?
"The labels on the containers for the original version are printed in black and white while the labels for the AcryliKey II are printed in color."

May I still purchase the original product?
"Yes.  The original AcryliKey formulation and its components will be available into the future.  We recommend, however, that as your original product runs out, you change over to the new, easier to use AcryliKey II."

If I need to refill an individual component, may I purchase that item separately, or do I need to purchase an entirely new kit?
Refills of the acrylic monomer, polymer powders, and mixing/sanding components are available individually.

I have questions which are still unanswered...
Feel free to contact us so that we may be of assistance.